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We provide top-notch residential home renovation services in Rockland.
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Rockland is a bilingual neighborhood located about 40 km east of downtown Ottawa on the banks of the great Ottawa River. It is home to a large part of the francophone community with a mix of rural charm and urban vitality that offers an outstanding quality of life and immense business opportunities. Rockland boasts amenities such as playgrounds, cultural centers, restaurants, and retail shops.

Anyone living in a charming community like Rockland would wish to have a home with impressive designs and an outlook that reflects the general feel of the neighborhood.

Specialists in renovating homes, Ottawa Home Pros are able to meet your needs for small or large projects.

Interior Work

  • Paint
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basement
  • Additions
  • Whole House


  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Painting
  • Landscaping

If you are looking to transform your home to match your needs and the lifestyle of this neighborhood, all you need is bespoke renovations that give a refreshing lease of life to your living space.

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Our work is guided by professionalism, fair pricing, and timely completion of projects.

We provide the following home renovation and upgrade services within Rockland

  • Kitchen Renovations and upgrades
  • Bathroom Renovations and upgrades
  • Basement Renovations and upgrades
  • Condo Renovations and upgrades
  • Exterior Renovations and upgrades
  • Accessibility Renovations and upgrades

 You can be sure to get a number of benefits from our home renovation and improvement services including custom-built interior and exterior designs, increased home value, reduced utility bills, expanded floor space and improved general outlook and durability of your home.  

Ottawa Home Pros provides renovation services in the Rockland area.

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