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Historical Home Services

Most people who buy historic homes choose to renovate them. If that is your case, contact Ottawa Home Pros at (613) 288-9145. We offer high-quality renovation services at competitive rates and can work with you to develop the perfect project. 

One of the most crucial things when renovating is choosing the right contractor. That is even more important when it comes to a historic home. This is not an easy DIY project and surely not one that you should do with any contractor you find, as dealing with older homes requires expertise. Not paying attention to the quality of the service provided can result in a badly performed renovation, which can not only cause you future problems but also make your property lose value. An experienced professional will know which historic features should be kept intact and work by the historic preservation codes. 

There is a range of renovation projects we can do to increase the functionality and efficiency of your home and give it a whole new appeal while preserving its important features. 

We can:

Renovate the windows

Adding newer (and more energy-efficient) windows is a great idea. When choosing the windows, it is important to keep in mind the historic appearance of the house to not jeopardize its beauty. If your windows are not in good shape, but you don’t want to fully replace them, we can rebuild the windows sashes and replace damaged glass. 

Renovate the roofing

We can renovate, repair and replace your roof. When it comes to the last option, it is essential to confirm historic preservation codes because some areas might have restrictions concerning colours and shingle styles.

Painting the home

A good project to restore your historic home is painting both the exterior and the interior. Again, this is a project that will require that the contractor follow preservation codes. These rules sometimes extend to lighting fixtures, doorknobs, trim paints, among other features. 

Add an outdoor living area.

We can build a patio, deck, pool and other outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy and entertain. As long as we keep the architectural integrity of the home, it is possible to add these spaces.

Ideas for your historical homes

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