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Plantagenet is a rural community located approximately 70km from downtown Ottawa at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the South Nation River. It is essentially a francophone community crisscrossed by quiet country roads and lanes which, along with the banks of the Ottawa and South Nation Rivers all offer great sites for homes or cottages. Plantagenet is also home to numerous parks, outdoor recreation areas, libraries, and social clubs.

Specialists in renovating homes, Ottawa Home Pros are able to meet your needs for small or large projects.

Interior Work

  • Paint
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basement
  • Additions
  • Whole House


  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Painting
  • Landscaping

If you are looking to transform your home to match your needs and the lifestyle of this community, all you need is bespoke renovations that give a refreshing lease of life to your living space.

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We are expert contractors in construction and renovation known for:

  • Professionalism in every aspect of home remodeling
  • Competitive home construction and renovation cost
  • Completing construction or renovation projects within specified timelines

Our home renovation and improvement services in Plantagenet include home additions as well as customized home interior and exterior designs. We also focus on the improvement and upgrade of your kitchen, bathroom, basements, condo, and home accessibility.

Benefits of home renovations

  • Gives you a personal touch to your property
    Remodeling your living space allows you to customize the designs and finishing according to your needs and lifestyle.
  • Increases the value of your property
    Professionally executed renovation increases both the aesthetic and commercial value of your property.
  • Reduction in utility costs
    During home renovations, you have the opportunity to replace and upgrade existing installations like electricals and plumbing to more efficient alternatives. 
  • Increased and improved living space 
    Basement renovations and upgrades increase your living space. 
  • Transforms your home to your dream living space
    Home remodeling and upgrades can be done to transform your home into a modern design with features that match your needs and lifestyle. 
  • Provides a new lease of life to your home
    Home renovation is a way of revamping your home to make it more attractive and durable. Renovating your property will help enhance its life in addition to making it aesthetically more appealing.

Ottawa Home Pros provides renovation services in the Plantagenet area.

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