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Knowing the basic steps that are involved in the process of a building a home is important before engaging a contractor. You will be surprised to learn the number of steps required to complete a renovation.

Step 1: Finding an Architect and Deciding on the Details

At this initial stage, you can afford to be creative. Make sure that the architect fully understands what you need in the home, the number of rooms in the house and the orientation of the space. You should be as detailed as possible when you explain your dream house to the architect. The architect must be on the same page as you are.

Step 2: The Rough Sketches

The architect will then create the rough sketches of the proposed new home. The sketches present an opportunity to check if the architect correctly interpreted your ideas. Better yet if the architect can use software to create 3D representations of the proposed home.

At this point, you can also make changes to the designs, or you can choose other designs that the architect may have proposed. Finally, you can make approvals to the sketches so that the next step follows.

Step 3: More Detailed Drawings

The architect will get even more detailed with the house sketches. There will be specifications for the final floor plans, the dimensions of the rooms, and the appearance of other spaces in the final drawings.

Step 4: Construction Documents

The construction documents represent the most critical step of the process. With the approval of the detailed plans from step 3, the architect will proceed to create the construction documents. The construction documents are used by the general contractor to price the project and to show subcontractors works that need to completed. There are the same documents used for reference when doing renovations.

Step 5: Hiring a Contractor

It is at this point that Ottawa Home Pros may show up. You should get multiple bids for the project before choosing a general contractor to build your dream home.

General contractors will bid for projects based on the architect’s drawings from step 4. The general contractor selected must have the proper credentials. You can visit the About-Us page for more information.

Step 6: The Build

Having selected a general contractor, you can now watch your dream house start rising from the ground. The general contractor works very closely with the architect to ensure the house gets built according to specifications in the drawings and that the project is on schedule.

Ideas for your Home Addition

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