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A dormer is a window set vertically into a sloping area. They can be set into the roof or wall. The window has its own roof. In fact the roof can be shaped differently including flat, arched, pointed, hipped or ornamented. The are available in a number of shapes and sized.

The advantage to a dormer is not only the additional light it brings to the upper area, but will complement the architectural style of your house and add interest and curb appeal. This is a project only for a seasoned professional. The wrong choices could end up as a strange appendage rather than an asset.

Adding a dormer to the upper floor in conjunction with bedrooms, baths, and living area means that you will free up space in the main portion of the house for other uses.

There are several different types of dormers available:
  • Gable – This is probably the most familiar. They have small peaked boxes that jut up and away from the house. They look like little houses coming out of the existing structure.
  • Shed – These have a lower pitch than the surrounding roof and do not have a peak. It leaves a flat roof finish. They won’t add must exterior interest, but can greatly increase the size of the room onto which they are placed. They are not used very often bit actually can be more functional than a gabled dormer.
  • Hip – These closely resemble gabled dormers but they have a three-paneled roof. For this reason the angles are not as prominent. You can end up with some additional headspace and yet more horizontal space on a peaked dormer. Basically this is a compromise between the gable and shed.

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