I could not be more satisfied with the result of our kitchen renovation! The service was done with high quality. They provided a competitive quote for the project and throughout he was both responsive and reliable.

Jonathan S


Short-Term Rental Renovations

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Whether you’re looking to rent a room, a basement suite, or an entire home, our expert renovation services create a welcoming and functional environment for your guests while maintaining convenience and privacy. Contact us at (613) 288-9145 for more information.

Welcome to Ottawa Home Pros, where we specialize in transforming your property into a lucrative short-term rental through Airbnb. Located in the Ottawa area, we tailor renovations to meet the unique needs of Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, and Nepean homeowners, ensuring your property stands out in the short-term rental market.


Why Do Short-Term Rental Renovations?

  • Maximize Rental Income: Short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb can generate significant income. By optimizing your property for rentals, you can attract more guests and charge higher rates.
  • Flexibility: Unlike long-term rentals, Airbnb allows you to rent out your space as needed, providing flexibility in how and when you generate income.
  • Increased Property Value: High-quality renovations make your property more appealing to guests and enhance its overall market value.

Start Your Airbnb / Short-Term Rental Renovation Today

Transform your property into a top-tier short-term rental with Ottawa Home Pros. Our tailored renovation services are designed to maximize your rental income, provide a seamless guest experience, and maintain your privacy and convenience. Contact us today to start your Airbnb renovation journey and unlock the full potential of your home. Call us today at (613) 288-9145 for your next renovation project.

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Key Considerations for Airbnb Renovations
  • Private Entrances

Creating a separate entrance for your Airbnb space ensures privacy for you and your guests. A private entrance minimizes interactions and disturbances, allowing you to maintain your daily routine without intrusion.

  • Functional Living Spaces

Designing a functional and comfortable living space is crucial. This includes:

    • Modern Kitchens: Equip your rental with essential appliances and stylish finishes to provide guests with a convenient cooking space.
    • Comfortable Bedrooms: Invest in quality bedding and furniture to ensure a restful stay for your guests.
    • Updated Bathrooms: Modern fixtures and clean, attractive designs make a big impression on guests.
  • Smart Home Features

Integrating smart home features can enhance the guest experience and streamline your management process. Consider installing:

    • Keyless Entry Systems: Allow guests to check in and out easily without needing physical keys.
    • Smart Thermostats: Provide guests with comfort control while optimizing energy usage.
    • Wi-Fi and Entertainment Systems: Ensure your property has fast, reliable internet and entertainment options like smart TVs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Creating an inviting atmosphere is essential for attracting guests and receiving positive reviews. Focus on:

    • Stylish Decor: Use modern, tasteful decor that appeals to a wide range of guests.
    • High-Quality Finishes: Invest in durable, attractive materials for long-lasting appeal.
    • Outdoor Spaces: If possible, enhance outdoor areas with seating, lighting, and landscaping to provide additional guest amenities.
  • Safety and Compliance

Ensure your Airbnb rental meets all safety and compliance standards, including:

    • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Install detectors in key areas to keep guests safe.
    • Emergency Exits: Mark exits and provide safety information.
    • City Regulations: Adhere to Ottawa’s short-term rental regulations and obtain necessary permits.