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Consider why you want to remodel. Do you need more space? Are spaces cramped or outmoded? Knowing the “why” should lead you easily to the “how”.

Evaluate the structure and decide what needs to be accomplished now, as well as in five and ten years. There may need to be compromises between lifestyle desires and the structural needs of your home.

Appraise the current assets in your home. Cabinets can be updated rather than replaced. Is there a wonderful hardwood floor lurking under the wall-to-wall carpets?

The simpler the changes, the less expensive the project will be. Complex modifications are not always necessary to give you the remodel you want.

Realize that this is an investment. If there is a choice, go for quality. Completing the renovation in phases may result in an easier stretch for your budget.

Check local bylaws, regulations and standards. Before you go too far, be sure you are in compliance with all policies and your contractor is aware of any restrictions.

Take a good look at your neighborhood. Are you trying to blend with the existing homes, or do you want to stand out in the crowd?

Don’t try to be too trendy. Plan for your own comfort and ease of living. Be sure that the end result will give you years of satisfaction.

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Manuel was amazing at what he does. He was very knowledgeable about construction, permits and the overall process of renovations. I would recommend his service anytime.

John B.