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Kitchen Island Installation

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If you need more counter space or storage in your kitchen, installing an island with Ottawa Home Pros is a great choice! Contact us at (613) 288-9145 and talk to one of our representatives.

When planning a kitchen renovation, optimizing space and storage is always a goal. One of the most popular features in the kitchen to enhance the available space is kitchen islands, especially when it comes to counter space and storage. 

The process of installing an island can vary. Still, it is essential to include it from the beginning of the planning phase of your kitchen renovation project to ensure the island will fit perfectly in your kitchen and provide all the efficiency you need and expect. In case your project is to install an island in an existing kitchen that is not being renovated, it might be necessary to make some changes in the area, such as moving appliances and changing the layout to fit the new island. That is why having a reputable contractor working in your island installation is so important.

Our experienced team will guide you through all the decisions you will have to make and complete the job with efficiency, excellence and agility. We aim to make sure nothing is missed in the process and that you will end up with a beautiful and functional kitchen island. 

Important factors you should consider:

Custom-made x premade island

Deciding between custom-made or premade islands typically involves many circumstances. There are many things to think about when making that decision, from budget to usage goal. If the purpose of your island is to provide additional space, a premade island is a good fit. If you intend to add appliances to the island and use it as a completely functional part of your kitchen, custom-made might be a better choice. But don’t worry, our experts will guide you through these decisions and advise you on the better options for your project.

Available space

Space and location where you plan to install your island should be one of the first things you think about. There must be enough space between the island and the other items in the kitchen, like cabinets or walls. It is also important to keep appliances and fixtures at the proper distance from each other to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency in your daily routine, so the size of your new kitchen island also needs to be discussed at this stage of the project. 


Another important thing you need to consider before beginning your project is the purpose of your kitchen island. This is important because it is at this stage that our team will plan which features should be added to your island. 

You will need to consider: 

  • If you will use it only for the extra counter space;
  • If you will use it as additional storage space – which will require cabinets; 
  • Whether or not you would like to add fixtures and appliances to it; 
  • If you want room for prepping meals and using it as an eat-in area, among other considerations. 

These decisions can only be made after you decide the main purpose of the island.



After deciding all about your new island’s size, location, and purpose, it is time to talk about design! If you are getting a premade island, you will have a specific range of options to choose from, but if you are building a custom-made island, this is the part of the project where you can be the most creative. Once the island is ready, it will become a focal point of your kitchen, so the design is fundamental in terms of aesthetics. You must choose a style that goes well with your kitchen’s plan, and be sure of all your choices as you will be seeing and using your island every day. Having the help of our Ottawa Home Pros specialists will make this whole process a lot easier. 

After the planning phase, we can start working on your renovation. Hiring a trustworthy, qualified and licensed contractor makes all the difference when it comes to achieving a good result. We offer a comprehensive service, so you will not have to worry about finding different providers for every step of your project. 

Adding an island to your renovation project will provide you and your family with an optimized space to meet all your cooking needs and give a beautiful and modern look to your kitchen. 


Ottawa Home Pros will work hard to exceed all your expectations and deliver you a fantastic, fast and efficient result. Call us and ask one of our representatives for a free quote!

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