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The cabinets in your kitchen are what make or break the overall aesthetic of a space. They need to be matched with all other elements present, like flooring and countertops- otherwise they can come off looking mismatched quite quickly. Kitchen cabinet styles are an important part of any kitchen design, as they help to define the feel and functionality. Here are some cabinet styles to consider:

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are popular kitchen choice types with a five-piece door and a recessed center panel. These cabinets are known for their flat paneled doors with rail frames, solid construction with high-quality wood, and practical designs.

Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass Front Cabinets help divide an ample space or create a display case for items you love. Giving an impression of “see-through walls” that will surely be a conversation starter for all of your guests.

Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard kitchen cabinets are an excellent alternative to Shaker-style cabinets if you find them too plain. Tongue-and-groove strips are used to make beadboard. Straight and square patterns are common in this sheet, making it easier to manufacture linear cabinet doors.

Flat-Front Cabinets

A flat front is the distinguishing feature of flat-panel cabinets, often referred to as slab cabinets. Aside from the flat front, compared to Shaker cabinets with a simple trim on the edges, and other styles have more decorative trim, Flat-panel kitchen cabinets have no trim at all.

Plywood Cabinets

Plywood is a sturdy material made from compressed wood sheets and then covered with a veneer. Plywood or particleboard is the most frequent material used to construct kitchen cabinets.

Natural (Unfinished) Wood Cabinets

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are nearly solely composed of wood that has not been treated with stain, varnish, or paint. It is up to you or your builder to decide on the most suited method for your kitchen.

Traditional Cabinet Doors

Many traditional kitchen cabinets are constructed from solid wood, such as Cherry, maple, birch, and oak. They are often molded with ornamental designs like arches, curved details, or other embellishments that outline their form.

Ideas for your Kitchen Renovation

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