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Basement Playrooms

Basement Renovations Ottawa

The basement in the house can become a perfect playroom for children of any age. The basement can be set up in such a way that there is storage space for video games, toys, and gaming systems. The basement playrooms can also have small jungle gyms of exercise, for train sets and for a small kitchenette where children can have snacks.

The basement playroom should have all electrical outlets child proofed to reduce the risk of electrocution. Other safety installations could be the railings and retractable stop gates for staircases so that small children do not risk injury by running up and down the stairs.

The playroom can designate for other functions such as gaming systems, nap time, specific games, and exercise systems such as indoor slides for toddlers.

Ensure that the playroom walls are decorated with pictures and bright colors. There are a wide variety of colorful wallpapers and their favorite cartoon characters. For the flooring, a commercial laminate can be used together with area rugs or carpet tiles that are easy to replace if they get damaged or are stained.

The basement playroom is a great idea for people with children and toddlers who have a few years between them.

Ideas for your Basement Renovation

Condo Renovations Ottawa

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