It doesn’t matter if you’d like an additional room to host family members during the holidays or have a mother who is getting old and wants to move into your home; your in-law suite will make your life easier. This kind of renovation gives you more privacy, room, and the comfort of having a family member nearby.

Building an addition to the in-law suite is a significant home improvement project. In this regard, there are a few aspects to consider before starting.

Find Out If Your House Is Suitable for an In-Law Suite.

One of the main reasons we suggest hiring an experienced construction contractor in the initial stages of planning an addition is to establish whether your home is the ideal fit. In some instances, it might make sense to invest in a brand-new house instead of trying to expand the space of the one you have. That is usually the case when the family isn’t delighted with their home or area. Zoning restrictions prevent them from making the kind of expansion they’d like.

Study Local Zoning Restrictions

Regarding zoning regulations, you’ll need to know about additional issues before creating plans or completing work. Specific neighborhoods may have rules concerning the maximum height of a home or limitations regarding the modification of structures visible on the exterior. These rules can restrict your building and out of your home; research the regulations before starting! There could be regulations prohibiting building a specific distance from your property line, preventing you from adding that extra building you’re contemplating.

Consider Your Goals

The most crucial thing for homeowners to consider before beginning an addition to their in-law suite is to plan the project, which is an essential step in any home addition. Apart from understanding the requirements for zoning, as we’ve mentioned previously, and laying out your goals specific to the expansion. Do you only require an additional bedroom, or is it an entire suite with bathrooms? Do you want to create extra space, or must the plan be suitable for an elderly family member with mobility issues? The answer to these questions will allow you to plan the overall layout.

Make a Budget

Developing an affordable budget for a project you still need to complete isn’t easy. That is why a meeting with a builder early in the planning process can be beneficial. They will give you an accurate understanding of your project’s scope and ways to reduce costs by changing some aspects of the project or using a particular material over the other.

Plan It Strategically

Each home remodeling project will bring some anxiety. Still, you’re almost sure to crank your stress level to the max if you have workers rushing through your home; of course, if you’re adding an addition due to an elderly relative or health-related concerns, it is essential to get the in-law suite upgrade completed as quickly as you can. If you’re considering having an addition built to make extra space for family gatherings, be sure to plan your project to be as minimally disruptive as possible. Contact the Ottawa Home Pros contractor to schedule your renovation at a time most convenient for your family and you. Call us at (613) 288-9145 or mail us at