There’s no better feeling than snuggling in front of the hearth of a fireplace roaring on cold winter evenings. A fireplace installation in your basement might not only improve the aesthetics of your room, but it can also improve its value to your house.

Although fireplaces can be a great addition to any property, proper installation is essential to prevent any liability in the future. These are the costly mistakes you should consider when constructing your fireplace.

1: Incorrect Sizing

Fireplace construction is about planning and detail. The size of your fireplace is one of the most common mistakes to avoid, but it still leaves many homeowners out. It would help if you were sure that you’d selected a suitable model that would fit your basement’s space. A hearth that is too small could necessitate building around it, and it could be necessary to return the vast fireboxes to the manufacturer. Choose to build your fireplace with reputable contractors to avoid issues with sizing already-built fireboxes.

2: You’re Not Sure About Your Fireplace

Your home gets already equipped with an old fireplace. More than 50% of market homes are older than 40 years old. Whether you want to replace your old hearth in the basement or choose an entirely new fireplace design, you may be required to understand its design from the flue to the burners and chimney. You should check for fireplaces that do not sit centrally on the chimney. It is also essential to have enough space between the pipe that vents and the wood framing. The more complex structural aspects may require an expert installation by a licensed fireplace company.

3: Insufficient Air Source

Having a reliable and appropriately sized ventilation system for the fireplace is crucial. You require proper venting to ensure your fire gets the necessary combustion air to stop carbon monoxide and smoke build-up. If you are helping with your design, get help from professional fireplace manufacturers in Springs.

4: Insufficient Clearances

The space where the construction will occur should be clear of obstructions like stored items or furniture. The area surrounding the hearth needs to be secure for operation and maintenance permit access to gas pipelines, electrical conduits, and other ventilation equipment that may be required.

5: Place Your Hearth in a Damp Location

The fireplace installation must get carried out on a base made of combustible materials that can bear all the fireplace load and its content. Installation near water pipes or moist soil can cause severe damage. Fireplaces built on concrete subfloors can crack. To ensure these mistakes do not occur, it gets recommended to engage professional contractors’ help.

6: Unsafe Insulation Around the Fireplace

There is a growing demand for more efficient energy use for homes that are modern in general. It could require appropriate insulation measures to ensure outdoor temperatures do not influence the indoor environment. Most fireplaces that burn wood or gas feature a standoff device that could result in the hearth being unable to extend into your glass door for your fireplace. The gaps around the fireplace opening could lead to fire hazards or, even more dangerously, they can become a fire risk. Installers with experience can identify the issue, then install the mortar or steel abutment to ensure it gets appropriately sized.

7: Do You Not Have an Installation by a Professional for Your Gas Fire Insert

A majority of States require valid permits and an expert installation for gas-related projects. A fireplace constructed using natural gas as a fuel source must have a specific two-tube setup to work correctly. Employing professionals for fireplaces who have certificates to work with gas lines may be necessary.

The construction of a fireplace in your basement can be a complicated project. It is possible to avoid the mistakes described above by hiring a licensed company for fireplace installation to finish your basement remodeling. To schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas, Call Ottawa Home Pros at (613) 288-9145 or mail