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We wanted to get crown moulding in our living room. We called Ottawa Home Pros. The service tech was courteous, knowledgeable and fast. We are very pleased with the handyman services. Thank you.

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A closet renovation can be an expensive project. If you have been dreaming about a closet renovation, have a short budget but want a high-end result that looks like a custom-built closet, Ottawa Home Pros has the perfect project idea for you! Call us at (613) 288-9145.

We have expert services in designing renovations using IKEA closets and making them look like they were custom-built. 

We can achieve a high-end look using baseboards, crown moulding, refacing, painting and many other techniques that will deliver a beautiful result at a lower cost. 

Not having a big budget available does not mean you can’t have the closet of your dreams or that you can’t hire an excellent constructor to work on your project. Ottawa Home Pros can help you work with what you can afford and offer outstanding service at a competitive rate. Hiring a good contractor makes all the difference in your project’s final results. 

The services we offer include:

  • Plan and design the upgrade using IKEA closets;
  • Build the units;
  • Install crown moulding;
  • Baseboards installation;
  • Install puck lighting in your cabinets;
  • Wood trims installation;
  • Paint the cabinetry and the walls;
  • Upgrade, repair or replace the flooring;
  • And much more! 

Custom cabinetry is trendy and desirable, but it can be costly. But that does not mean you won’t be able to have the dream closet!  Ottawa Home Pros have the best service in making IKEA closets look custom built in the whole Ottawa area! Contact us and talk to one of our representatives. We will be glad to help you plan and complete your closet renovation! 

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