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Ottawa Home Pros can ensure your fireplace will be the most beautiful, functional and efficient feature of your home. We offer high-quality service with creative solutions providing the best results in a minimal time.

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A fireplace is a structure in the house to provide your home with warmth and comfort. But like all other structures in a house, it is susceptible to breakage and deterioration. Repairing or restoring a fireplace might not be easy, but it is not impossible, and it definitely worth it, especially in Canada.

Building a new or renovating your fireplace is an excellent way of making it into a customized part of the house that can print your home’s personality in a greatly functional feature. Ottawa Home Pros can guide you through all the challenges of a fireplace renovation and all the options available, from design to functionality. 

We can list many benefits of a fireplace renovation.

You can use your fireplace as a focal point to your home’s design, improving the aesthetics of your home and using the fireplace as a feature to modernize the room’s appearance. It can change a lot aesthetically without any other big changes. Other than the visuals, a fireplace renovation improves the house’s energy efficiency. This type of renovation can increase efficiency from 10% to up to 70%. This is an investment that gives you a financial return as it will help you reduce heating costs. You can convert your fireplace from wood into a gas fireplace, for example, which will improve its functionality as it is more convenient and easier to manage. Not to mention that an updated fireplace will increase safety at home. 

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