Handyman Painting Service Ottawa

Same-day painting services

Are you looking for a house painter for much-needed renovations or for the paint job for a new home? Ottawa Home Pros are the best painters in town and will take on interior house painting or outdoor painting jobs.We are able to guarantee a speedy and quality paint job that is completed in just a single day. Ottawa Home Pros make use of a system that has been perfected over time. A team of professional painters making use of proven techniques will complete the job with exceptional results.Our professional staff will handle all your calls and questions. Following the booking of an appointment, an expert will be sent over for a review of your property and to prepare a detailed estimate for the painting project. Our estimates will include materials, low-VOC paints, labour, and any other required supplies.  
We are a full-service painting company arriving for the job with all the required equipment to transform your wall into beautiful pieces. The process is kick-started with the preparation of interior walls through the removal of debris on the walls such as wallpaper, filling of holes and cracks, and sanding smooth all these wall surfaces. Once the actual painting starts, flooring, furniture, and other household items will be covered with a clean cloth to prevent damages. Quality and consistency are checked throughout the project. Upon completion, the team will clean up the house and return furniture to its original position.For exterior walls and surfaces of the home, giving them a makeover will spruce up the look of your home. Exterior surfaces take a beating from the harsh winter storms and the summer heat which may leave the home looking rundown. Our team of painters have the expertise and experience to work on all types of surfaces including concrete, brick, stucco, and wood. The painting process will start with stripping and pressure washing to ensure paint holds on the surface. Care is taken to protect property in the compound such as gardens, hedges and even parked vehicles.Ottawa Home Pros has the experience to work with minimal commotion and disruption to customers, tenants and even employees. For example, we always use paints that have no VOC or have low VOC meaning that they are free of allergens, irritants, toxic fumes, and foul odours.Choose to work with Ottawa Home Pros and get to experience professional painting services Ottawa that are delivered in a punctual and fast manner, with a touch of perfection, trust and reliability for exceptional results.