Painting the exterior of your house is an exciting project. It gives your home a whole new look and adds curb appeal. It is almost like moving into a new house (with fewer costs). Whether the paint of your house exterior is fading or you want to change it up a little, a painting project is an excellent way to renovate the outside of your house. But there are a few things about painting your home’s exterior nobody tells you.

8 things no one tells you about exterior painting

The best time to paint the exterior walls

Most people say the best time to paint the outside of your house is the warmer months, and generally, they are right. But that does not always mean you should paint your exterior as soon as winter is over. Ideally, the best weather for a painting project is when the temperature is above 10ºC. Note that some parts of the country still experience cold in spring, and keep in mind the spring rainfalls. Although it is best if your painting project starts in warm months, that does not mean you can’t paint your house during cold periods. Just remember to buy the right paint for these conditions.

Lead-based paints are dangerous.

Lead poisoning can occur in even small quantities and can cause you to develop severe health problems. So it is best if you do not manage paints that contain lead. If your home was built before 1978 and this is the first time you repaint it, it is better to hire professional painting services in Ottawa.

Using dark colours can help you save money.

If your house has clear paint and you choose to paint it with dark colours, it might be possible to skip the primer. You will also need fewer paint coats. It works the same way if you paint it the same colour as the original paint.

You need to protect your garden plants.

Some people often forget that if you have plants around your house, you need to shield them from paint drips. Covering the plants that grow closer to your walls with a cloth or plastic sheet will be enough. But if they are too close, they might need to be removed or, at least, tied back. If your remodelling project includes landscaping, remember to do it after painting.

You can use the colour of your house to spotlight your plants.

If you love plants and want to show off your garden, the right colour of paint can help you with that. You can use basic colour theory to match your house’s colour to the colour of the plants closer to the home.

There are some cons of choosing dark colours.

We talked about the benefits of painting your exterior with dark colours, but note that it also has its disadvantages. For example, dark colours fade faster and will also absorb more heat.

Classic white is always a good choice.

Classics are classics for a reason, right? White paint is the most common choice of homeowners. It gives the house a clean and chic look. Who doesn’t like a well-painted white house?

You should hire a professional to do the job.

With the advent of youtube and DIY tutorials, many people think they can do any handy service themselves. It might be true for small jobs, but when it comes to painting the exterior of your house, it is best to leave the job for the professionals. They have all the required equipment and, reasonably, will do a better job (as they are professionals). Painting your home can also be dangerous, physically demanding and complex, so don’t take any chances and invest in professional painting.

Finding the best painting services

If you decided on an exterior painting project for your house and need a trustworthy painting contractor, Ottawa Home Pros is perfect for you. We offer several services like all types of home renovations and additions, and handyman services, including painting services in Ottawa. For a free quote, give us a call at (613)288-9145.