Top Home Renovations for the Biggest ROI


renovation-plansAre considering selling your house and need to renovate it to make it modern and attractive to potential homebuyers? If you have lived in the house for many years, you need to spruce it up and make it meet current market standards. Here are top renovation tips that will give you the biggest return on investment:

A New Coat of Paint

It may be an underappreciated home improvement tip. Get a professional to carry out a quality painting job for your house and you will get the highest ROI. Work with a professional to identify a good palette to help bring out the best of your home. A fresh coat of paint after minor repair works on your walls and trim will have a 60% ROI.

Good Roof and Windows

Everything in the home should be functioning well including the roof, gutters, drains, and windows will prevent leaks and flooding, and damage to the structure of the home. The foundation should also be dry to improve the resale value of a house and attract potential buyers. Consider new windows, a new roof, and waterproofing the foundation to prevent leaks and flooding. These renovations depending on the scale will offer an ROI of 75%.


The flooring in your home is the most susceptible element to tear and wear. Consider replacing an aging floor and have it installed by our Ottawa Home Pros team. A poor installation job will affect the overall appeal of the flooring. Avoid carpeting especially if you are planning to sell the home since it turns away buyers who fear cleaning or removal costs. The ROI is between 100-150% depending on the type of flooring.

Doors and Hardware

Consider replacing the front door as well as interior doors to increase the appeal of your house. Other simple renovations works including adding quality locksets, crown moldings, adding a baseboard and wainscoting, and door trim. The quality of all these works will play a role in overall appeal. These small changes can give an ROI of 50%.


Adding luxury to your home will improve the aesthetics and value of your house. Consider adding a tile backsplash, frameless glass shower enclosure, and marble-topped vanity to renovate the bathroom. Bathroom renovations will provide an average return of 62%.


A kitchen remodel can end up costing huge sums of money. You can choose to replace a countertop or appliances to transform the kitchen and get a good ROI. Depending on the scale of kitchen renovations, you will get the best ROI of all renovations averaging 75-100%.

Contact and work closely with Ottawa Home Pros on home renovations projects and we’ll help you get the biggest return on investment.