When it comes to renovations, avoiding mistakes is as important as knowing what you should do. Bathroom renovation is not an exception to that. If you are reading this article, it probably means you have a project in mind. To help you not fall into a trap, we will list some common mistakes people make and that you should avoid saving money.

Not having a plan

If you do not want to spend more than necessary, you shouldn’t begin your bathroom renovation project without a solid plan. Bathrooms are small spaces with many detailed services and needs, which means it is best to plan every change you will make and check twice before starting it!

Replacing when things could be repaired

People might get carried away by the exciting idea of having a new bathroom and replacing everything. Of course, it is excellent to replace things when you are not satisfied or want an aesthetic upgrade, but often items can be repaired and function as new. A good contractor will be able to do the repairs your bathroom needs while renovating it.

Not paying attention to ventilation

Poor ventilation in bathrooms can cause damage. As the bathroom is a place with a lot of moisture, mould and mildew can develop if not well-ventilated. That could ruin your remodelling. Talk to your contractor about the possibility of installing a bathroom fan.

The Wrong type of flooring

When renovating your bathroom, keep in mind to choose a flooring that is suitable for a bathroom. Ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, and even concrete works well. Avoid solid wood flooring as the wood can decay and even rot with the moisture of the bathroom. Natural stones might not be a good idea, as they will need more maintenance to keep water from penetrating the stone and will need to be pre-sealed.

Doing the Renovation Yourself

Activities require advanced expertise and tools, such as installing bathroom wiring, building a new shower stall or correctly installing tiles. It might seem like you will be expanding more money, but the whole bathroom renovation project will cost less, end faster, and be less frustrating if you hire a professional.

Beginning the renovation from the master bathroom

If your house has more than one bathroom and plans to renovate both of them, you might want to start with the bigger and most used bathroom, but it can be a bad idea. We suggest you start with the least visible bathroom. Renovating the smallest space will be easier and faster.

Make sure to hire a reputable and trusted contractor

If you are prepared to start your bathroom renovation, the last step is to hire a contractor. Make sure you find a contractor that can provide what you need and you can trust. Ottawa Home Pros have skilled professionals to meet your renovation needs regardless of your project’s size or budget. If you have any doubts or questions, talk to one of our renovation experts. We can provide you with the best renovation and remodelling services in the Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Stittsville and the Ottawa Valley areas. Contact us today!