10 Home Addition Ideas to Increase Square Footage


renovation-additionsHouse or room additions are necessary if you seek to increase living space or available storage. Home addition is a good investment that will increase the value of your home. You can add desirable features to a room that will match with the requirement of potential homebuyers.

The following are factors to consider before embarking on a home addition.

  • Consult with a builder before commencing the project.
  • Check everything against local zoning ordinances and building codes
  • Have your blueprints and plans approved by a county assessor
  • Report to the county assessor after completing the additions

The following Ottawa Home Pros home additions ideas can help give you inspiration for your home improvement project.

Add a Second Story

The addition of a second story can be a costly project. However, it will add significant space and increase the value of your home. Make sure that you work with an architect or professional builder to ascertain the foundation and structure of the home can support the additional weight.

Add a Room over the Garage

Adding a room or apartment over your garage will increase the square footage of your home. Since the foundation is already in place, you simply need to add walls and a roof. The extra room can be used as a guest bedroom or rented out.

Modular home addition

A modular home addition is a pre-fabricated room that can be added to the exterior of the house. It is a popular expansion for single-story buildings and costs 10-20% cheaper compared to conventional additions. The modular addition can be constructed off-site saving you the inconvenience of having a construction site at home.

Construct a Dormer

Adding a dormer has several advantages including increased curb appeal, allowing more natural light, adding functional square footage, and making the home look larger. Addition of a dormer will increase attic space which can be used as a bedroom, study room, storage space and other uses.

Finish the Basement

Finishing the basement is a popular way to increase the square footage of your home. The finished basement can be used as an entertainment room, a guest bedroom, small apartment, or a home office. Finishing a basement has a ROI of up to 70% by increasing the value of your home.

Add to the Kitchen

Even though kitchen remodels are expensive, you can recoup up to 95% of the costs when selling the home. A kitchen remodel of any kind has a good return on investment. Some of your options include adding a breakfast nook, converting a flex space into a walk-in pantry, extra storage, and addition of an island.

Bathroom Addition

Bathroom additions increase the value of your home and have a ROI of up to 60%. Simple additions include a soaking tub, new flooring, installing dual sinks, extra storage, and may involve a complete makeover. Some homeowner may also be looking for an extra bathroom which can be added in the basement, under a staircase, or in an extra room in the attic.

Bump-Out Addition

These are small extensions which help add extra square footage to a room. A bump-out can range from 2 feet to a large as 15 feet. Bump-outs are cheaper since they may not require a new roof or foundation work. The bump-outs can serve as a window nook in the living room, walk-in closet, increasing space in the bathroom, or increasing counter space in the kitchen.

Finish the Attic

The requirements for finishing an attic are half the ceiling must reach 7 feet and must be connected to a stairway. You have limitless options by finishing the attic including making it a home office, bedroom, or home gym.

Convert your Garage into an Extra Room

Your garage can be converted into a guest bedroom, art studio, gym or home office depending on your needs. Converting the garage into livable space greatly increases the value of your home.

Ottawa Home Pros will help you make additions that increase square footage and resale value of your home.