Dormer Loft Conversions


dormer-conversionDormer loft conversion helps to expand the usable space in your home. The conversion will also add natural light to the home. Ensure that you have made the right call since dormer loft conversion is a big project and expensive. Loft conversion requires professional input and a big budget since it is a major construction to a section of your roof.

Dormer loft conversion allows in more natural light into your home. It is worth the effort and expense and will increase the value of your home. Ottawa Home Pros will help learn more about loft conversions by outlining the pros and cons.


Create Extra Space

A dormer loft conversion can create more rooms in your home. You may have been thinking about an extra bedroom for your child or a study room under the sloping roof. Loft conversion presents the numerous opportunities to add rooms and features to the home.

Other opportunities include adding a skylight in the sloping roof to add natural light into the house. The space underneath the skylight can be converted into a luxurious bedroom where you can enjoy a bubble bath.

Cost-Effective Additions

To add an extra room to your house, a dormer loft conversion is a cost-effective especially if you choose the flat roof dormer loft. The energy bills will not rise considerably compared to adding an extension on the side or adding a conservatory.

 Fewer Planning Permissions

Dormer loft conversions require fewer or no planning permission since they fall under permitted development. The only exceptions may arise depending on size and location of the extension. Check with the local authority before commencing the loft conversion.

Increase your Home’s Value

A dormer loft conversion makes your home more appealing to potential homebuyers and increases your home’s value. A return on investment of between 65-70% is realized with dormer loft conversion.


Relatively High Costs

The cost of a dormer loft conversion is determined by factors such as:

  • Size of loft
  • Complexity of project
  • Fittings and fixtures in loft construction

Project costs also tend to rise since you have to hire and work with an architect, design consultants, professional builders, and project managers.

Installation Time

A dormer loft conversion entails making major alterations to your roof. It will take a considerable amount of time and may lead to rising costs.

Suitability of your Roof

Since they will be structural changes to your roof, you should identify if the roof of your home is suitable for dormer loft conversion.

Ottawa Home Pros can undertake an analysis of your property to determine if you can go ahead with a dormer loft conversion.