Creative Solutions for Small Bathrooms


Small kitchens can mean more options for any renovator, as long as they think outside of the box.

Sometimes we end up moving into homes that aren’t exactly suited to our needs, and the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in nearly any home. You need space enough to prepare, store and cook meals for your household, and sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough surface area to go around. Or perhaps you’re one of many people who are choosing smaller homes to reduce their overall cost of living, or because you are enamored with the minimalist lifestyle. No matter what the reason is, sometimes having a too-small kitchen can be a serious pain.

But if you’re willing to bend the norm for conventional kitchens and get a little creative with your space, you can utilize more space in your kitchen than you even knew was there!

Options for increasing your cabinet space

Have you found yourself in a home where the cabinet space just isn’t enough? This can be a real test of your kitchen depending on your needs, wherein you might end up feeling like you’re playing a real-life game of Tetris just to put your groceries and dishes away. Fear not, for there are solutions to help you maximize what-at first-looks like minimal space.

Option One

Depending on what modifications you feel comfortable making in your home, you can install cabinets in unconventional places. Some individuals go for a trap-door style cabinet in their floor, but that requires being willing and able to modify the flooring of your home. However, this is an incredible space-saver, and those with the option should definitely look into it if they find their kitchen cabinets uncomfortably cramped.

Unable or unwilling to modify your flooring? Look up at the corners of your kitchen. If there aren’t any existing corner cabinets, you can find and install some to create space where there simply wasn’t any before. One of the most popular designs of this nature is called the Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan with multiple tiers or shelves serves as amazing dry goods storage for any kitchen. Another way to create more storage space is to place your new cabinets through the top of your kitchen island or counters. This might not be the best idea for kitchen counters and islands that already have cabinets on the sides, however.

Option Two

If you can’t or don’t want to place any additional cabinets in your kitchen, then check out these easy fixes that you can use to make the best out of the space provided by your existing cabinets!

Most cabinets already have at least one shelf inside of them, but some do not. Also, if you’re planning on storing items that can fit into smaller spaces, you can definitely add more shelving to the interior of your cabinets to make the space for them. This can add two to three times the storage capacity of a single cabinet. You can even add a small shelf to the door of your cabinets. Use something like a shower hanger to create a space on the inside or outside of your cabinet as a handy storage spot for cutting boards and other kitchen essentials.

Option 3

It is incredibly trendy right now to repurpose unexpected items into your kitchen. You never know what you mind find at the local thrift store, or even your own attic and garage! Get creative, check out websites like Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on how to renovate small areas of your kitchen with everyday items. This is a hugely cost-saving method, too, as you’ll have to spend less money on materials!

Some helpful tips for tiny kitchens

One: Only store what you absolutely need while you are using your kitchen. Cluttering a small space like this will only make it difficult to remain organized, keep the area clean and surface areas clear. Pet food dishes, coat hangers, and any other non-kitchen item can likely be stored elsewhere if you try.

Two: Remember that your home is a three dimensional space. You have length, width and height on your side, and you can use all of these dimensions to get the most out of your kitchen. Floors, walls and even your ceiling can be used for storage if you think outside of the box.