Basement Lowering: What are the Pros and Cons


baserment-loweringThe basement gives you plenty of options when looking to expand the livable space in your home. You may have an older home that has an unfinished basement with a low hanging ceiling where basement lowering is required to make it livable.

The technical input of an architect/engineer is required for basement lowering to avoid affecting the structural integrity of your house. Basement lowering should give you big changes and useful living space.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of basement lowering for a better understanding.

Pros of Basement Lowering

Increased Property Value: Basement lowering can drastically increase the value of your home without a corresponding rise in property taxes. You will be increasing the amount of living space. The most common scenario is 6ft high basements that need lowering by about 2ft. At least 8ft of headroom is considered sufficient for access and comfort. With additional space, the dynamic of your home will change and offer greater opportunities such as extra sitting space, entertainment room, or even rent it out.

Greater Structure and Integrity: When done right, basement lowering will improve the structural integrity of your home particularly if it an older home. Before basement lowering is done, an analysis of the basement and foundation is undertaken. It will reveal issues that may need to be addressed before the actual project starts. Basement lowering will therefore improve structural integrity and prolong the lifespan of the home.


A Big & Technical Project: Basement lowering calls for architectural and engineering expertise which makes it a big and technical project. A lot of time and effort will go into the preparation phase as well as the construction phase.

Expensive: Basement lowering is resource-intensive. It costs between $20,000 and $50,000 to lower your basement depending on size and other considerations.

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