There are many reasons why condos’ popularity has been increasing over the years.  From offering community amenities to being easy to maintain, there are many benefits to moving to a condo in Ottawa. To make those benefits even better, people often consider condo renovations. These might require good planning but are not as complicated as it seems. Once you get it done, a renovated condo will be the dream place to live. This article will list eight things you need to think about before starting condo renovations in Ottawa.

What you should consider

The rules

Every building has its rules, and it will not be different when it comes to renovations. Before you begin your planning, check with the condominium board the restrictions on renovations. The first person you warn about your renovation plans should be the building manager. He or she will hand over some forms for you to fill before starting. Condo rules about renovations typically include noise restrictions after certain hours. It would also be a good idea to notify your neighbours about your renovation in advance, to spare them from waking up with drilling and hammer noises.

Condo Board Approval

Remember those forms we told you about? To fill them is not enough. You will have to wait until the condo board approves your renovation for you to be able to start it. If your building is brand new, there might not be a set procedure, which means the approval can take a while. The same may happen with really old buildings since they might have multiple rules that need to be checked off before the board can approve your renovation.

Booking an elevator

After the board approves your renovation, you will be free to get the materials you will need. To take them to your condo, you will need to book an elevator to move the materials without causing any inconvenience to your neighbours. In case your building has a freight elevator, make sure you book it beforehand, as well as a moving room or loading dock. You can book them for a few days, depending on your supplies’ delivery timing, or even for definite times of the day.

Your budget

One of the most important things you need to plan is your budget. Condo renovations in Ottawa can be costly, but as long as you plan your budget carefully and prepare in advance, you should be fine. When thinking about the budget, make sure to make a detailed plan and include the cost for materials, fixtures, plumbing, electrical work and all the other services you may need.

Choose a reliable contractor.

Not every contractor you will find has the expertise and skills to provide your dream condo renovation. You must hire a trustworthy contractor who can handle all the permits you will need and coordinate the work according to your renovation plans. Ask the contractor about their previous projects and to see other condos they renovated.

Space Usage

As condos are known for being compact, smart use of space is key to living well. Making smart storage decisions when planning your renovation is a great idea. Adding secret compartments and choosing furnishings with multiple utilities can be useful and help your house look neat. As for making your condo look more spacious, you can use the right colour scheme and mirrors.

Post-renovation Cleaning

Hiring a cleaning company to deal with the post-renovation mess is a good investment. They have all the needed experience and tools to get rid of the paint smell, drops of glue or drywall bits.

I’m ready; I just need a contractor.

After you have gone through the list of considerations and feel ready to take the next step, Ottawa Home Pros can help you. We are experienced in Condo Renovations in Ottawa and can get any job done. If you need a contractor that you can trust and rely on, contact one of your staff members on (613)288-9145.